Yamaha Motor Robotics FA Section has shown how affordable robots can transform processes in diverse industries, presenting live demonstrations to visitors at Automatica 2022, which took place June 21-24 in Munich, Germany.

“The show was well attended, with many visitors and invited guests coming to our booth to discuss their plans for the future,” said Jumpei Ninomiya, Sales Manager, Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics,  FA Business. “We showed how our advanced automation solutions can increase productivity, delivering speed, accuracy, and future-proof flexibility, with a rapid return on investment.”

Yamaha LCMR200 at automatica 2022

The demonstrations, based on Yamaha’s SCARA, cartesian, and linear robots, highlighted the equipment capabilities and flexible options for picking, placing, packing, and product assembly. Software presentations highlighted graphical programming with RCX Studio, which simplifies conceptualising and setting up complex industrial processes. Simulation with RCX Studio helps refine sequences and maximise productivity, including configuring multiple robots to accomplish a task.

The economical and high-performing XKE SCARA robot, fitted with the iVY2+ machine-vision system, presented high-speed bulk pickup of small parts using Asyril’s Asycube intelligent sorter. Advanced features of the iVY2+ system enable tracking items of irregular shapes and sizes, such as produce or clothing on a conveyor, to boost productivity in sectors such as food production, textiles, reclamation, and recycling. This setup also showed how on-the-fly visual inspection leveraging Yamaha’s expertise in high-speed electronics assembly, cuts cycle time and ensures superb accuracy.

A separate XKE SCARA demonstrator showed how SCARA and multi-axis cartesian robots, working together, can perform precision industrial assembly processes such as dispensing sealants and adhesives with high accuracy and sustained high throughput.

Finally, a dynamic demonstration comprising six Yamaha LCMR200 linear conveyor modules showed how owners can move workpieces through a sequence of production processes quickly and efficiently. Known for its flexibility, the LCMR200 can be used in compact single, dual, or multi-lane configurations with programmable speed, acceleration, direction, and start/stop positions all programmable for ultimate versatility and adjustability. The demonstrator also showed how the LCMR200’s high positional accuracy and rigidness allow assembly processes such as component insertion, screwdriving, or dispensing, directly on the slider thereby saving cycle time, space, and engineering costs.

For more information about Yamaha’s full range of industrial robots and associated software tools, please visit https://fa.yamaha-motor-robotics.de/.

ABOUT YAMAHA Robotics FA Section
Yamaha Factory Automation Section (FA Section), a subdivision of Yamaha Motor Robotics Business Unit in Yamaha Motor Corporation, is focused on delivering flexible, high-accuracy industrial robots for precision automation challenges.

With its roots in the introduction of robot technology to Yamaha motorcycle assembly activities, the division has over 40 years’ experience solving automation challenges from factory-scale to micron-level. Yamaha’s industrial robots are now trusted by leading corporations worldwide, in activities as diverse as semiconductor fabrication and assembling electronic products, domestic appliances, automotive components, and large liquid-crystal panels.

Yamaha Motor FA Section offers a unified range of solutions for robotic assembly, including single-axis robots, SCARA, cartesian, and articulated robots. Innovations such as the LCMR200 linear conveyor module; a smoother, space-saving and more versatile successor to conventional belt and roller conveyors continue to set the pace in factory automation. Core robotic technologies as well as key components and complete robot systems are all produced in-house, ensuring consistent quality and control over lead-times.
Headquartered in Neuss, Germany, Yamaha FA Section serves customers in all Europe.