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For example, if you complete a survey or sign up to a newsletter you may give us details such as of who you are, where you live, your age and occupation, and what you think of Yamaha’s products and services.

We may also collect information about you when you purchase a product, or create a Yamaha account to receive newsletters and so on.

By accessing and using any of these Sites, you should be aware that, by doing so, you are also expressly agreeing to the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy. We will use your information which identifies you as visitor, and cookies as a way to allow us to customize your experience to better match your interests and preferences. This information is also analysed to allow Yamaha to understand how our websites are used as set forth in the Privacy Policy and Cookies information section

How we use your Personal Data

It is Yamaha Motor Europe’s policy to use your Personal Data only for specific purposes as follows:

  • The supply of information about products and services which may be of interest for you
  • For the internal evaluation of Yamaha Motor Europe’s products and services
  • To be able to provide you with the best Yamaha Motor Europe products and services.

We, the Yamaha Motor Europe group, will handle all Personal Data with great care, because we respect the privacy of our customers and visitors to our Sites. Data processing may be performed by any branch office or affiliate of Yamaha Motor Europe in the EU and by any other third parties in the EU, with whom Yamaha Motor Europe has signed appropriate contracts to ensure compliance with the applicable Data Protection legislation.

To find out more about how we use your information please see our Privacy Policy.

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