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Discover the world of Yamaha Robotics assembly systems

Yamaha Robotics Factory Automation (FA) , Section focuses on developing agile, high-performing industrial robots to automate product assembly, handling, and packaging tasks. Our people, with their expertise, energy, and creativity, are helping enterprises everywhere achieve the throughput and productivity gains they need, cut delivery times, adapt quickly to new demands, and extend their capabilities while ensuring consistent, faultless quality.

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As an innovator in industrial robotics, the FA Section can trace its heritage back to the first solutions developed in-house for assembling Yamaha motorcycle and automotive subsystems. Today’s portfolio comprises SCARA, cartesian, single- and multi-axis robots, and linear conveyor modules with accessories and subsystems such as vision and tracking, to tackle diverse automation challenges in numerous manufacturing and logistics scenarios.

Our customers trust us to deliver reliable, cost-effective, and creative automation that improves business performance by combining high accuracy, speed, flexibility, and precision. They appreciate the unique qualities that are typical of the Yamaha approach: a compact and space-efficient footprint, affordable solutions for payloads of a few hundred grams with the scalability to handle larger loads, unique design features to minimise and simplify maintenance, and special options such as our drip-proof and dust-proof SCARA robots that boost reliability in tough environments.

Examples include our chosen position-sensing technology, which is contamination resistant and more reliable than ordinary optical encoders, as well as the innovative guide-rail design of our cartesian and single-/multi-axis robots. In addition, long-stroke linear motors let our single-axis robots maintain high excursion speeds without derating, and our flexible LCMR200 linear conveyor modules provide fast and efficient workpiece transport in automated cells or on conventional production lines.

Our TRANSERVO series of linear-axis robots combine the affordability of a stepper motor with the smoothness, energy efficiency, and high performance of a servomotor. And while our YK-XE SCARA robots let small businesses on a tight budget revamp their processes to stay competitive, the YK-XG series with their advanced beltless drives deliver unrivalled precision and reliability.

Our systems integrate easily with popular industrial ethernet and fieldbus systems such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, CC-Link, and DeviceNet. Or you can leverage your existing investment in PLC (SPS) equipment and knowhow. Yamaha’s intuitive robot programming language, graphical RCX Studio software – now featuring a new 3D simulator – help you plan and implement your automation system quickly and ensure right-first-time efficiency.

Moreover, you can quickly add robot vision for enhanced capability and flexibility, leveraging the latest RCXiVY2+ machine-vision system. Created to integrate tightly with the RCX340 controller, this vision system works with dedicated robot vision instructions that eliminate the latency imposed by conventional machine-vision signal processing and translation. And a simple hardware upgrade is all you need to add high-speed component tracking. There is also a choice of accessories to help customers finalise their automation solutions, including various electric grippers that are available off-the-shelf and ready to use immediately.


Motek 2024

Visit us to see Yamaha robots demonstrate metal punching, sorting, circuit board testing, and battery assembly. Discover the LCMR200 in action, get to know our SCARA and cartesian ranges, and learn more about our latest technologies.
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Our flexible range of industrial robots deliver affordable auto-mation for all kinds of manufac-turing environments. However large or small your organisation,
or the challenge, the pathway to your solution starts here.
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Our LCMR200 flexible transport system have impressed design experts worldwide. Discover how their speed, smoothness, simpli-city, and flexibility can transform your manufacturing.
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Our products

Corporate profile

The Yamaha headquarters in Hamamatsu is our global centre for research and development, production, and support. From here, Yamaha FA Section serves customers globally, working through the worldwide sales network spanning China, Taiwan, Korea, South Asia, North America, Australia/New Zealand, and Europe.

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Corporate philosophy

The spirit of challenge is within Yamaha Robotics Business founding philosophy.

Over 35 years, Yamaha’s expertise and collective power aim to deliver ingenuity and passion in Yamaha’s SMT & SPI parts that provide exceptional value and deep satisfaction. All Yamaha’s innovations in advanced technologies are driven to create connection with customers and respond to their evolving needs.

Yamaha Robotics Business is dedicated to achieve success by always exceeding customer expectations with reliable, high-quality products and services. Yamaha, Trusted Technology, incorpo-rates values inspired by the spirit of Kando, emotional involvement and power to create, and is committed to best serve its customers and partners.

Company History

The Yamaha Robotics Business is founded on expertise grown in-house, to develop intelligent machinery to meet Group manufacturing needs. That initiative, started in 1974, enabled Yamaha to set new market standards for engineering precision, quality, and productivity. The business now delivers advanced, flexible, high-speed automation solutions to leading enterprises worldwide.

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Head of management

Welcome to Yamaha Robotics

We aspire to create innovative products that deliver unique value to our customers.

Our business unit offers a portfolio that contains industry-award winning equipment for electronic surface-mount manufacturing and our growing selection of high-speed industrial robots for precision assembly, handling, and packaging. Furthermore, we continue to innovate as we infuse state-of-the-art technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics into our platforms.

Both teams from Surface Mount Technology and Factory Automation sections in Europe are dedicated to supporting our customers from diverse industrial sectors with advanced solutions. At Yamaha Robotics, we are committed to continuously create reliable technologies to best serve our customers.

Ai Nagakubo

Branch Manager


We, at Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics FA section, are always looking for committed people and team players to join our team. We offer graduates and experienced professionals the opportunity to take on responsibility immediately.

Should you be interested in starting a new challenge at Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics FA section, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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