How to easily integrate different robots in your production line

You need a flexible solution for a complicated production line?

Yamaha Robotics ÔÇô Factory Automation offers many kinds of robots which are all able to be connected to each other. ­čĹŹ

It┬┤s an easy integration to connect different robots into one solution. You will have the same controllers for multiple robots, with plug&play functions, integration with robot vision and much more. With Yamaha it┬┤s easy to extend your production line and improve your efficiency.

How to reduce the cost of ownership

Yamaha Robotics ÔÇô Factory Automation not only convinces with high usability and comprehensive solutions. The overall system regarding our robots causes maximum durability ÔÇô even on high workload. If you decide for Yamaha, you decide for your future.

Our robots and robotic solutions are meant to stay for offering you excellent and reliable assistance. This also has an impact on your finances because the durability directly effects costs of ownership. Maintain your costs and decide for an efficient future with Yamaha.

How to simulate complex product lines easily

Yamaha Robotics ÔÇô Factory Automation offers advanced planning for any situation in your personal environment. The different kinds of robots are flexible and easy to program. This increases the usability factor and creates a futuristic working space with very little effort.

Due to simulation programs, you can run a feasibility check with your integrated robots. This makes it easy to test the efficiency of your set up. Benefit from advanced planning as well as simulation and #DiscoverYamahaRobotics

How we help international companies having support anywhere at anytime

As a large multinational company, we offer global support for our customers. User of Yamaha Robotics ÔÇô Factory Automation benefit from our long-term experience and our network of experts from all over the world. The Yamaha worldwide operation provides a sales network throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, North & South America and Oceania.

Wherever you are, we support you and your Yamaha systems ÔÇô efficiency knows no boundaries.

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    Discover our linear conveyor modules

    The revolutionary

    Transport-platform for next-generation Factory

    • High-speed transfer
      2500 mm/sec
    • High-precision stop & positioning
      ┬▒5╬╝m position repeatability, ┬▒30╬╝m slider interspacing
    • Improved rigidity
      15kg max payload
    • Greater flexibility in layout
      Module lengths 200/300/500/1000 mm
    • Easy integration
      Newly developed circulation unit with improved transit accuracy YHX controller equipped with new Standard Profile function

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    Discover our scara products

    Yk-xe Series

    Take the next level with the high-performance SCARA robot.

    • Best price performance in the market
    • Payload up to 10 kg
    • Great reliability
    • Maximum rigidity
    • Supporting various field networks

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    Our scara robots at a glance

    The wide reach and payload ranges from 120 mm to 1200 mm and from 1 kg to 50 kg, allowing for precise adjustment of the robot to your application.

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    Discover our robot vision systems


    Best for high-speed & flexible application with SCARA robot.

    • New vision algorithm for detecting inconstant shapes such as food and clothing.
    • Vision on-the-fly, non-stop and high-speed detection
    • Wide field of view to detect multiple parts in one time
    • Wide field of view to detect multiple parts at high speed
    • Simple and compact system with stacked structure for RCX340
    • Fast installation by auto-calibration and easy parts registration

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    Discover our programming software

    RCX-Studio 2020

    Powerful development interface with advanced 3D planning.

    • Advanced 3D planning.
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Emulator function
    • Cycle time calculator
    • RCXiVY2+ robot vision data editor integrated
    • Real-time trace ÔÇô application debugging

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    Discover our Motor-less single axis Actuator

    Motor-less single axis actuator

    Your choice of Motor and Driver System.
    Motor-less Single Axis Actuator Robonity series.

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    Discover our single axis robots

    Our single axis robots at a glance

    FLIP-X series include many models of 6 types and 29 variations
    for a wide range of applications.

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    Discover our Cleanroom Robots

    Cleanroom robots / actuators

    Single-axis, Cartesian, and SCARA robots for clean rooms with cleanliness class 10.

    An electric actuator that is suitable for electronic components, food and medical equipment related work in a clean room.

    Highly sealed structure achieves the dust emission prevention and improvement of the suction efficiency to establish both the cleanliness degree and high performance.

    This actuator contributes to the automation and labor saving of the production system in the clean room.

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    Discover our Cartesian Robots

    Cartesian Robots

    A wide variety of Cartesian robots, XY-X series, with appropriate performance meeting the customersÔÇÖ needs.

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    Discover our Pick & Place Robots

    Pick & Place Robots

    Pick & Place Robots, YP-X series, pursuing easy operation
    using servo control of all axes.

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    Discover our Electrical Gripper

    Electric Gripper

    Electric gripper YRG-series enables gripping force control, speed control, acceleration control, multi-point position control, and workpiece measuring.

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    Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics

    Yamaha Motor Robotics is a global supplier of innovative technologies in industrial factory automation with over 40 years of know-how and experience.

    From top-performing SCARA, cartesian and single-axis robots all the way to linear drive and control systems, YamahaÔÇÖs high precision and trusted solutions enable customers worldwide to overcome challenges.

    Yamaha Motor Europe Robotics in Germany is dedicated to support European customers in all aspects of industrial automation solutions.